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This site is dedicated to expanding awareness, of growing toward an ever-evolving consciousness, of realizing we are but one people who are dependent upon a single Earth for survival.

As seen from space the Earth is the only home we have. As we examine more closely, a fragile yet flexible balance of life becomes apparent. As Humanity is turning away from  acceptance of decadent dictatorships, inquisitions and terrorism so must we now evolve a new way of thinking about nature and our dominion over it.

It is essential to see ourselves as servants of the Earth- not its master. We hold the future of life on Earth in our hands. Let us hope Mankind is up to excepting the challenge.

It is self evident that our present practices, ranging from nonsustainable agriculture to wasteful use of nonrenewable energy resources, must change. Our very definition of "progress" must evolve as must our way of seeing each other as one species dwelling on a single planet.

For A Witness of what I saw and the testimonials of others on Mountain Top Removal coal mining click here.

What are we doing to the Earth, sky, resources and environment?

What are we doing to the creation, the natural web of life?

How can we reconcile short-term thinking with long-term survival?

What are we going to do about this conflict of greed, power and might verses what leads to cooperation, foresight and what is best for the long-term welfare of all?


We all have a dream.

Deep within ourselves we share a dream.

Humanity longs for the time when an inner light shall be made manifest, when the dawning of a new direction will be awakened; an era, a time when it is truly realized that we are members of one global family.

We are the children of stardust. The elements that bring forth life are a product of stellar evolution. Primal helium atoms are fused into larger elements which, when combined to form the compounds we know of as life- becomes us. Thus, in a very deep sense, when we destroy the balance, beauty and bounty of the Earth we destroy ourselves.

All is interconnected. Everything is a part of everything else.

Thus we are the children of Mother Earth. We came forth from the womb of the Earth, and will return to the Earth. We are a product of creation and therefore are a part and parcel of it.

For A Witness of what I saw and the testimonials of others on Mountain Top Removal coal mining click here.

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