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What Are We Doing To Our Future?

We are depleting the Earth's natural resources as if there was no tomorrow.

How can we change our way of thinking?

Here is where it is hoped there will be ideas and some answers to questions we all, as dependent as all life for sustenance from the Earth, must deal with.

Below you will find links to websites addressing many ecological concerns and offering specific solutions to specific problems. Of course, these are not "cure-all" remedies- that requires a concentrated global effort involving a basic change on how we view ourselves and the resources available coupled with the delicate balance of the biological, hydrological, meteorological and geological interconnected cycles of our total environment

A basic introduction to the "Ecosystem": We are all in this together folks!

Environmental Issues: Many types and sources of pollution are studied incuding air, water, noise, etc.

Air and water pollution causes, effects and what needs to be done. We must stop using fossil fuels!

Here is a list in itself of links to ecosustainable websites. Alot of subject material is covered

A new technology is on the horizon giving us real hope for the future. Learn more about the development of efficient, clean fusion reaction.
For a look at just one of the many commonplace marvels we often miss in our daily lives see a "Butterfly Life Cycle
For a deeper look at our relationship to the Earth, the Universe and a Universal Covenant with God- link here.
HomeUnsustainableCoal  MTRAlternatives?Dawning Day



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