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Interfaith, multi-racial, one universal God.

One universal truth expressed in bountiful differences.

these positive outlooks define this site.

Enjoy touring the pictures and perusing the writings.

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But through our intellect, vision and capacities of the heart, mind and soul humanity is endowed with the gifts of reason and discernment. Our species is able to study, theorize (and in wonder) look upon the world he dwells upon with a unique level of understanding. In a real sense we are the eyes of the universe beginning to open in perception of itself.

This website is dedicated to celebrating creation, God and our privileged place in it all as human beings. We are but the remotest specks living on an insignificant mote of dust circling an average star in an out-of-the-way corner of a galaxy containing billions of stars within a universe of galaxies beyond measure.

Diversity Is Our Strength. Through Knowledge Comes Understanding

The Diversity of Mankind can be compared to the flowers of a garden or to the varied shapes and forms of  butterflies. The diversity of creation is a part and parcel of our own inner abilities and reality.





The reality of Man: “Though man has powers and senses in common with the animal, yet an extraordinary power exists in him of which the animal is bereft. The sciences, arts, trades, and discoveries of realities, are the results of this spiritual power…The animal is the captive of the senses and bound by them; all that is beyond the senses, the things that they do not control, the animal can never understand; although in the outer senses it is greater than man.” BWF p33

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